Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Some comments about "Jennifer's Body" - The Movie!

This movie is only going to work because of Megan Fox. Simply because she's hot. She's running the show in there. People are only going to watch it because of her. Otherwise the plot is pretty simple. In fact, it's so simple it kind of sounds stupid.

But since Megan Fox is the type of hottie that everybody would like to adore, even members of the same sex ( I dare say ) it's really going to work.

Watch the trailer.


  1. Hell yeah, Megan Fox is hot! I'm going to see this this weekend, mainly because I found out she was in it, but before anyone starts to accuse me of being a celebrity stalker- I was probably going to see it either way. Expect a review at The Cheap Bin, at the end of the weekend. :)