Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity is about a couple living together when they start realizing there's some, well obviously, paranormal activity happening in their home.

They feel as if there's an entity in their house besides them that's doing things to them or around them. Just to make sure Micah, the husband, gets a camera to record anything and everything that's happening in their bedroom so that they would know if it's true.

Camera does record a few odd things that arouses more concern from the couple on this part. So they call upon a psychic who tells them it's not a spirit in their house, instead it's a demon that's feeding on all the negative energy they have in their.

Katie, the wife, also discloses that she's been haunted by some unknown entity all her life since her youth.

The activity grows stronger as the days go by and the actions from the demon are much more volatile. Slamming on doors, Katie being pulled down the stairs and at times almost being possessed by the demon momentarily.

It's a pretty scary movie. Must see. Watch the trailer here,

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