Saturday, October 10, 2009

What's consistent about Akon's tracks?

Akon is one of the leading rappers/singers these days. His songs are good and they're being listened by many. The latest of his in collaboration with David Guetta "Sexy Chick" is pretty cool, as usual.

One thing that makes his tracks good other than the music is the whole theme of his songs. His songs are based around women. It's not just in a simple manner. The original concept behind the song is always Akon falling in love with a girl and wanting to sleep with her. Yep, that's the trick. It always ends there.

You do have to ask yourself at least once after that if you're that type of a guy too for liking his music. :)

See it in either, "Keep You Much Longer", "Don't Matter", "Right Now (na na na)", "I Wanna Love You", "Sexy Chick" (By David Guetta ft. Akon), "Beautiful", "Lonely", "Silver and Gold", "Dangerous" etc.

I love almost all his songs. He's good. His voice has a unique pitch too. You can sometimes feel the emotion in his voice. Which is both alluring and makes the music much more interesting.

Listen to his songs, become his fan. :)

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