Monday, December 14, 2009

Am I posting too much of Kesha? - Take it off!

Thanks to a generous viewer the tune which many people were trying to figure out is form the song "There's a place in France where the.." which is pretty familiar to this one. This tune has many variations which have been used in other songs as well. So now you know. :)

Nevertheless it's a good song. Sure is going to do well. Kesha - Take it off! for you.


  1. i know what you mean.. i can't place it either but there is something very familiar about the tune at the start of the song.

  2. ME TOO
    whats the tune from?

  3. My mom figured out the tune. It's really really similar to the tune of a children's rhyme from the 80's.

    "There's a place in France,
    Where the ladies like to dance"

    And there are a ton of different variations from there. You can youtube "there's a place in France" for some homemade versions to hear the tune.

  4. Yes, you got it. This tune is pretty popular! I'm sure it's in some other songs as well. Not just that one.

    Good work. :)

  5. The tune is stereotypical ancient Egyptian 'mummy' music.

    As an example of it's use, it is currently used on the McDonald's Happy Meal Scooby Doo Egypt toys commercial in the UK.

  6. That's cool.

    I tried searching for them on YouTube. Didn't find any though.

  7. haha...
    yeah, i remember the song when i was a kid. it was the land of france rhyme, but we had this twisted version
    " in the land of france where the ladies wear no pants, but the boys dont' care, cuz they wear no under wear."
    Goood times

  8. lol, must have been good times. Those lyrics are hilarious! :P

  9. "There's a place on mars, where the babies smoke cigars, and every puff they take, is enough to kill a snake." That's another popular version of the song.

  10. Nice. Thanks. So she picked a good tune so many people know about it. ;)