Thursday, February 4, 2010

LOST Season 6 Premiere Episode Is Awesome

The episode is simply awesome. If it wasn't intriguing enough just to understand the concept of a time line and how it affects people's lives both in the past and the future. They have two time lines now.

The hydrogen bomb explosion causes by some odd phenomenon a different history in the past where the plane for the oceanic flight 815 does not crash. So all the characters are going about their business normally just the way they were supposed to if the plane never crashed in the first place. While in the present for the characters nothing seems to have been changed!

It should be interesting to see who Sayid Jarrah turns out to be in the next episode. He could in fact be a real incarnation of Jacob who was killed by John Locke - who wasn't really John Locke as it seems.

You can watch the LOST Premiere episode here as well

First Part

Lost 6x1

Second Part

lost 6x2

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