Sunday, April 25, 2010

Where is LOST taking us?

So far it has been somewhat interesting turn of events watching how the story unfolds and where characters are going to be when the end comes. But as it always has been there can't be any positive conclusion about what will happen in the end.

Who is going to be the last remaining candidate to get Jacob's job for protecting the Island? Since that seems to be the only purpose for which everyone has been called on towards the Island, twice. Once for some people though.

I think Charles Whitmore is going to play a good role towards the end because he does seem to care a bit about the Island. Still his real plans are a bit dubious at the moment.

Hurley has been talking to Jacob and it seems like he has the best communion with the Island or Jacob at the moment so looks like a very good candidate for closing the deal with taking the Island's protection job.

Jack hasn't really done anything at the moment. He looks to be very confused about every scenario and is happy with taking ideas and orders from other cast members at the moment. Although it will be interesting to watch how he behaves while being in unison with the Smoke Monster when he was rescued by him in the last episode.

Kate? She's just content to be around James at the moment.

I'm glad Jin and Sun got to meet each other in the end. Only to be captured by Whitmore's people. But I'm sure they'll find a way to get out. Whitmore needs Jin for some reason as well. So I think they're going to be safe.

The Smoke Monster? He just wants to get out of this jail. From the looks of his attitude towards humans, he's not really friendly towards humans. He thinks they all should die anyway, since they are bent to cause so much pain and suffering to each other. He just wants to kill everyone once he gets out. The reason why he shouldn't be allowed to leave the Island.

Towards the end, I really hope they should tell us about the history of Jacob and the Smoke Monster. How they came onto the Island and what's the real purpose of this Island. How it came into being.

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