Sunday, May 30, 2010


Kites is a fresh mix of Indian Movie making style in Bollywood with the fast paced action and drama of Hollywood.

Jay is an Indian American who works as a dance instructor in Las Vegas. Although his dance instructor routine is only for the show; his real deal is to marry girls for money just so they could get American nationality in doing so. A pretty sweet proposition working for both Jay and his new and ex wives.

As the human nature goes, he marries a young beautiful Mexican girl who needs a visa as well but starts to feel some attraction towards her. Knowing his goal he sets out to get closer to Gina who learns to dance from him and is also the daughter of a Rich Casio owner.

Later on he finds out that Maxican girl, Linda, is getting married to the brother of his girlfriend, Gina, which starts the main twist in the story. He realizes that he still loves Linda and so does Linda. Both of them after spending some time together before deciding they should get divorced can't keep themselves away from each other.

So they have to run from Tony (brother of Gina) who would stop at nothing to kill them both also accusing them of fleeing with taking 2 Million in cash of the Casino's money.

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