Thursday, July 15, 2010

Website Update

The website is going to be offline for a few hours tomorrow since I am uploading a new version based on the previous version. It's going to be a lot better, with lots of more reviews, trailers, music videos, chat and forum.

So stay tuned for the new RoadsOut.Com. :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Knight and Day

I am particularly interested in watching this movie. Tom Cruise is Roy Miller in this story where he's an undercover spy and he's constantly being attacked by mobs of other spies who simply want him dead for some reason.

Cameron Diaz is June Havens who is coming back home from Wichita who bumps into Roy Miller on the airport. She has a crush on Roy Miller right away not knowing he's a secret agent and being with him could put her life in serious jeopardy as well.

After realizing what she got herself in to she still can't believe it but as the events unfold she starts to understand this whole thing is the real deal. Knowing she has more chances of survival with Roy Miller, she takes off with him where ever he goes.

Both are looking great together in the movie

This is one of those movies that shouldn't be missed, at all.