Wednesday, October 14, 2015

[Video Game] Mad Max turns out to be very interesting

I actually had given up on open world games after having played GTA 5. I thought GTA 5 was the best game ever when it comes to open world games and no one could do the same thing in a better way. Well that statement still stands true to the day but Mad Max all of a sudden adds a new flavor to open world gaming.

The map size is adequate, we have ample things to do in the map. Most of the action revolves around beating up people and blowing up cars. Fighting mechanics are very simple to master and in fact do give you a sense of satisfaction when you can take out dozens of people at the same time without actually using any ammunition at all.

Driving isn't at all near to perfection. The cars don't really handle that well. But its way better than some of the racing games I have played in the past. 

It seems that the game lacks a real story. There are some short sequences that honestly don't do a lot of story telling. There is very little interaction with other characters. It seems that Max is actually alone in the desert playing all by himself. 

Even though there are many things to do out in the open but a lot of the sequences seem to be very repetitive, which isn't really a bad thing, I wouldn't really mind doing the same types of things over and over again if there was a better story attached with every piece of action. 

I have only played the game for a few hours yet but so far it seems as if I am getting my money's worth. It does keep my interest alive and I keep on thinking about coming back again and again just to do that next mission in the game. 

The game could have been much better. I am not sure if they are going to add any online multiplayer component to the game. That would be good. But this isn't GTA, it might not work at all or not as well as well as has worked out with GTA5. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Until Dawn a Game or a Drama?

If you like watching a good story every now and then you would get HBO or Cinemax and watch some quality stuff. I mean, who doesn't like Game of Thrones? Breaking Bad? Friends? etc

Now people in those series can act very well. You like it. They create this atmosphere for you where you are engulfed in the story like it was one of your own.

Until Dawn on the other hand is trying to accomplish something that wouldn't work out for the average gamer at all. Sure we like to have a good story in a game. But what makes the game a good game is the type of control you have over your character. Being able to move around, taking decisions on the go, taking chances, having fast action etc are some of the things that excite people who like to play games.

Until Dawn on the other hand takes all that away from you, tries to give a story where basically you have to sit around for some eight odd hours clicking buttons occasionally. It's almost like using the pause and play button on your DVR where you have a choice to stop for a while to think about the next move and then click the button to start the movie again.

Sure the game changes with the decisions you make. So it's like a few more versions of the same dream you have been watching over and over again.

As a game it fails to keep your interest alive and offers a limited scope to the player where he would feel as a passenger in a bus waiting for the last station to arrive.

I believe its an over priced and over rated game. Only selling point are a couple of popular actors that give the game a more appealing face on the paper. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Falling Skies

Falling Skies looks more and more like a low budget drama right now. So it's a human witch hunt thing that was going on. 

There was another group of people after the Mason family before.

Where the hell are the aliens? Why are the aliens so dirty? Where is the whole alien technology?

The show has been a disappointment from the start.

I'm not saying it's a bad story. Watching a show that has aliens would just set your expectations on some alien spaceships, high tech gadgets. Things like that.

Monday, July 13, 2015

HUMANS - The show or the reality?

The show has been very impressive since the first episode. It feels quite natural the way they have shown how things evolve in a near future. Where everyone is relying on robots that look and feel just like humans to do their daily work. 

Robots are getting so perfect at what they do and how they can mimic human behavior that its very hard to see the difference. 

Obviously the subsequent course of action would be for the robots to have a conscience. A natural way of selection, having an intelligence that works just like human intelligence. But in some ways better. 

What would be the limitations of robots if they ever become capable of being self conscience?

I believe they would need to have a purpose to live. Humans always try to find reasons to live, to have hope, to see something out of nothing. A machine might find it illogical to think like that. It's soul purpose might be just to survive. After securing its survival it might not follow the human desires of being social, luxury, being curious about things, need to explore new horizons etc. 

Machines might just stop and do nothing unless made to do so. 

No Man's Sky - Unlimited Game Play? But is it worth it?

We have all seen the first 15 minutes or so walk through videos of the game. But for me honestly none of the videos were convincing enough. The game would be running on algorithms that create the environment on the fly. That would only cause repetition of objects with slight variations.

Now all that could have been wonderful if there was an actual story line to the whole game. Story is the one and only thing that would make this game very interesting. Having a base story would help players relate to the game and then play it more and more.

Having a vast environment is amazing but still without a story there would be no purpose. I suppose exploring would be fun. But how far could you go on the game after which boredom would kick in?

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Salem the TV Show is based on the drama Crucible!

I was watching the first episode of Salem for a bit and I realized that it's actually based on an old play called the "The crucible" written by Arthur Miller. Now that story obviously won't be exactly the same as it was in the original drama but still it has taken a lot of notions from the original drama.

Even the seemingly main character or the Hero of the story is based on the original character named "John Proctor".

The main setting was in the town of Salem as well. It would be interesting to see how the story shapes up but I'm happy to report that it won't be a disappointment.

Looking forward to the new episodes.

Interstellar movie had an Odd Ending!

The movie is very good when it comes to the story part. World coming to an end. People have no choice but to look for another alternative planet. That's good enough. But ending was a bit far fetched. 

I can get that there was a space hub of some kind working in 5 dimensional space and time where gravity could travel through time and let the guy send a coded message to his daughter. I get that part. But what I don't understand is that how in the world would his daughter figure out that the ghost was actually her father in the future or in the past or whatever! 

How can she figure out right away that the watch has some kind of a coded signal that she can translate from binary and solve equations out of it? 

Okay even if she did that. That's fine by me. But, the quantum data that they collected from the other planets, I don't think that has the answer to the gravitational equation that scientists were trying to solve for so many years. 

Now that's a conundrum that can't me explained and doesn't make any sense. 

Another thing, 

When Cooper comes to see his daughter and she has a whole bunch of family people standing around. They give him space and and time to talk to her but no one actually comes forward to talk to him! Now that's their great great grand father from the past that actually helped her save the world and human race! No one cares about him and lets him go! 

That's it right? He doesn't even wait to figure out the exact coordinates for where Amelia would be. Doesn't plan any flight pattern, fuel, nothing. No planning required. It's like taking a car out on the road and doing things on the way! 

Microsoft HoloLens

It's amazing to see and hear about a technology that we only could dream about in past. Technically we can only still dream about it but there is a good chance that this could be coming to reality!
According to a recent announcement by Microsoft they have in works the world's first augmented reality glasses which will enable users to place their apps anywhere in their room just like wall hangings.
Users would be able to bring their games to life as if they were a part of their room space. Do things like Stark does in Iron Man or if you remember the movie Avatar (the scenes where they plan the attack and have a hologram showing the big home tree for the aliens).
Seems like an amazing technology. Lets see when it comes to the retail sector and the applications that follow with it.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Walking dead!

Ever get the feeling that you want to completely avoid watching the zombies and just go with the survival stories of the characters!
I hate the blood and the zombies. I can't stand them. Specially when I'm eating something and they show the zombies eating something.
I don't think it's scientifically possible though. For zombies to be alive. As their body functions come to a halt. Im not sure they are breathing even.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Marco Polo

The best thing i like about the show is that it seems very authentic as if you are actually living that time.

I like the characters as well. I started off disliking the Khan but he seems to be a sensible guy till the end of the first season.

I was hoping that the wrestling girl would hook up with Marco but that didn't happen. Which is fine because he is looking good with the Blue Princess.