Monday, July 13, 2015

HUMANS - The show or the reality?

The show has been very impressive since the first episode. It feels quite natural the way they have shown how things evolve in a near future. Where everyone is relying on robots that look and feel just like humans to do their daily work. 

Robots are getting so perfect at what they do and how they can mimic human behavior that its very hard to see the difference. 

Obviously the subsequent course of action would be for the robots to have a conscience. A natural way of selection, having an intelligence that works just like human intelligence. But in some ways better. 

What would be the limitations of robots if they ever become capable of being self conscience?

I believe they would need to have a purpose to live. Humans always try to find reasons to live, to have hope, to see something out of nothing. A machine might find it illogical to think like that. It's soul purpose might be just to survive. After securing its survival it might not follow the human desires of being social, luxury, being curious about things, need to explore new horizons etc. 

Machines might just stop and do nothing unless made to do so. 

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