Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Until Dawn a Game or a Drama?

If you like watching a good story every now and then you would get HBO or Cinemax and watch some quality stuff. I mean, who doesn't like Game of Thrones? Breaking Bad? Friends? etc

Now people in those series can act very well. You like it. They create this atmosphere for you where you are engulfed in the story like it was one of your own.

Until Dawn on the other hand is trying to accomplish something that wouldn't work out for the average gamer at all. Sure we like to have a good story in a game. But what makes the game a good game is the type of control you have over your character. Being able to move around, taking decisions on the go, taking chances, having fast action etc are some of the things that excite people who like to play games.

Until Dawn on the other hand takes all that away from you, tries to give a story where basically you have to sit around for some eight odd hours clicking buttons occasionally. It's almost like using the pause and play button on your DVR where you have a choice to stop for a while to think about the next move and then click the button to start the movie again.

Sure the game changes with the decisions you make. So it's like a few more versions of the same dream you have been watching over and over again.

As a game it fails to keep your interest alive and offers a limited scope to the player where he would feel as a passenger in a bus waiting for the last station to arrive.

I believe its an over priced and over rated game. Only selling point are a couple of popular actors that give the game a more appealing face on the paper. 

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