Sunday, April 24, 2016

Is John Snow really dead?

A very popular question among the Game of Thrones fans is if John Snow is dead? Even though it looks as if John Snow's story is just about to be over in the last episode of the 5th season but there is still some hope.

Game of Thrones has showed a few signs of resurrection where people come back from the dead. Based on that there are notions that John Snow could come back alive.

Another concept is that John Snow was only stabbed a few times and fell. If he still has the integral body parts in tack he could recover from the injuries he has taken.

Worst case scenario could be that he could become a whitewalker and lead their army as well once he does and comes back alive as a dead whitewalker. (Highly unlikely though).

The trailer for the Season 6 Game of thrones shows John Snow laying on a bed or something like that while a group of people form the Knights Watch are looking at him. It seems that he is unconscious or in a comma and there could be some hope of him coming back to the world of living.

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